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15 Azure crystal clear water beaches in Scotland (with map!)

 I think that many of us dream about a walk on a sandy white beach overlooking the azure water. Somewhere completely far away from civilization, where, next to the silence, the only thing you hear is the sound of waves and birds singing Such dreams are often exclusive to luxurious holidays in the Maldives or the Caribbean.

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Romantic Getaways Not Just On Valentine's Day

 Everybody has his own idea of romantic day out but if you're out of ideas we got your back. Here are some plans and places that might just do the trick. We tried all of these and think that you might enjoy these.

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8 Strangely Named Scottish Places

 We all know the most common, most beautiful, most breathtaking Scottish places but this time we propose a list of places that is surprisingly different. These are some of less known and strangely named scottish places to visit or just read more about their fascinating history.

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12 Awesome Things To Do on Kintyre

 The very first time you visit Kintyre it seems like it's completely deserted area, patched with farmlands, cows, and horses. This obvious and superficial side of Mull of Kintyre disappears when you get to know this area which is rich in rural landscapes and peaceful vibes.

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Walking in Scotland - Circular Lochside Walks

 According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, 150 minutes of light exercise a week, including walking, could extend the average life span by more than four years. Check out our pick of the best walks from short walking routes to long treks all around fresh Scottish waters.

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10 Short Rewarding Walks On Isle Of Skye

 The Isle of Skye is surely one of the most amazing and popular tourist spots in Scotland. It's extraordinary landscapes and scenery will take your breath away. It is no wonder that it is also home to great walking routes. This list is meant to be a compilation of easy achievable walks for visitors with nearly all level of fitness while still beeing rewarding in views and experiences.

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